Saturday, March 23, 2013

Busy in Texas!

Most of the people we see are incredibly nice and wonderful to talk to! We talked to this one man, who though he wasn't interested, was quite excited to find out that we were Mormon. He had nothing but good to say about the people of the Church.

The manager of our apartment complex considers herself to be our "resident grandma," and this week, she met some troubled fourteen year old girls. She sat and talked with them until we came in for the night. As soon as she saw us, she said, "Oh hey! We were just talking about you two! Come and meet my two new friends!" She waited until we started up a conversation with them, then silently snuck away. We had a wonderful talk with them about the Doctrine of Christ. Both girls had faced incredible difficulties in their lives, and they were really receptive to the message we shared. Unfortunately, they are from Austin, so we will not be able to teach them. But we left them with a pamphlet and a card to call so they could contact the missionaries out there.

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