Friday, April 19, 2013

Popped Tire on Car! Lots of Help Came!

The craziest thing that happened this week is my companion ran over the curb and popped the tire. Because the car belongs to the church, we have to go through their avenues to get it fixed. This means that we were instructed to call roadside assistance. It took them three hours to even respond to us, and eventually, we had to just cancel and call our zone leaders to help us out. After cancelling, as the Zone Leaders were en route, a policeman came and began to help us. A good samaritan also came and they were jacking up the car when it lurched forward, falling off the jack and trapping the good samaritan's hand between the body and the tire. Luckily, his hand was fine aside from the a few nasty lacerations, but no bone was broken. But the police had to call an ambulance and with it, two more police cars showed up. So by the time the Zone Leaders arrived, there was an ambulance and three police cars in the parking lot with our car. The immediate question from them was "What did you do?"

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