Sunday, June 16, 2013

Family History/Missionary Work - Set Some Goals!

Last Sunday, we had a lesson about family history. My companion and I both agree that we should use family history a lot in our teaching. It's a good missionary tool. One of the things that was said was that we need to start doing the work now. We always say we're going to do it in the future or "when we have time," but as we all know, tomorrow never comes. We cannot wait for a pleasant moment...Sometimes we just have to get it done. The same is true with missionary work. We can be participating in it now. We can be preparing to participate in it now. Every small effort counts. So the invitation to all at home is to make three summer goals for yourself to participate in family history/missionary work this summer. The goals can be small (like getting in the habit of daily prayer and scripture study) or large (like converting a family). Think and pray about what you are able/willing to do. Make the goals realistic and set a specific date to complete them.

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