Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ask the Missionaries!

This is an email I sent on July 1st, but it came back as undelivered.  So, I sent it again on July 8th.
(July 1 - 7) Well, June just flew by!  I have now been out here - wait for it - five months!  That's crazy! 

This last week was really difficult, but I made it through!  We said good-bye to the Trayners and President and Sister Maluenda have arrived, but we have yet to meet them.  This week we had a Family History night that we arranged to be put on by some members.  We had a smaller turnout than anticipated, but it was still great!  The member who was teaching gave a presentation, and we enjoyed Church's Chicken and Little Caesar's Pizza.  Despite the initial stress we felt, it turned out to be a great, low-key night.

Yesterday, we had a little miracle.  We planned to go visit a family who we hadn't visited in awhile.  We don't quite remember the reasons we put them in our plans because we didn't have a set appointment.  We had planned on visiting them an hour earlier, but we were busy talking to people on the streets the hour we had blocked out for them.  Usually, in a scenario like this, we would just head to whatever we had planned for the hour we were on and skip any previous plans we'd missed altogether, but we decided the best thing to do would be to visit them.  We parked our car and headed over.  While all this was happening, this family had been at home discussing a lesson at church.  The dad had a lot of questions that his wife couldn't answer.  Finally, she just said, "Well, why don't you call the missionaries and ask them?"  Right after she said that, guess who knocked at their door?  Yep, us!  We went in and had a great lesson with them.

 As small and insignificant as that little happenstance was, it just reminded us that God is very aware of everyone in our little area.  It made us happy that we had followed the Spirit when planning the night before.  After a week like last, it was great just to have just that one perfect instance when everything seemed to work just perfectly.

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