Friday, July 19, 2013

The Book of Mormon is a Conversion Tool!

This week was great!  We found a new investigator.  We met a member of his family outside one day as he was leaving for work.  He told us we could come back so we did and we started talking to a young man around our age.  He didn't seem interested at first.  However, we somehow (completely led by the Spirit) ended up on the topic of the Book of Mormon.  He was really interested in that.  By the time we left, we gave him a Book of Mormon, committed him to read the Introduction, invited him to be baptized, and set a return appointment.  We came back a couple days later and he had read the Intro, the testimonies, and was into First Nephi.  He was super excited about the brass plates and Joseph Smith.  We had planned to invite him to church, but he pretty much invited himself!  He still doesn't have a Baptismal Date.  Only time will tell!

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