Saturday, September 21, 2013


This week, our absolutely wonderful investigator was baptized!!!!!  We have honestly had the best time teaching her!  It's been so much fun! We were talking last night about the very first day we met her and her sister, who is also scheduled to be baptized.  It was the week the mini missionaries were here and we were contacting a former investigator when she yelled from across the street: "Hey! Are y'all from the church?"  We went over to talk with her.  Little did we know, just 6 weeks later, she'd be baptized!!! We are so happy for her!
The baptism was wonderful.  The Spirit was very strong.  She came out smiling and happy and gave us a big hug! :) This was our area's first baptism in a year! 
I think the experience teaching her has taught me a lot about faith.  While teaching her, we grew to love her family so much and we were willing to do anything to help her get to baptism because we know it's an important step for salvation.  However, there were several times when we had to rely a lot on faith because as we prayed about how to best help her, the answers we received were completely contrary to how we normally would have proceeded in her teaching.  We had to have a lot of faith and trust in the answers we received through prayer and through our leaders to get her to baptism.  It was well worth it.  The Spirit at her baptism was incredibly strong!

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