Friday, September 13, 2013


Sunday was just as fantastic!  Our young teenage friend came to church and brought her sister along with her.  We had kind of taught her sister and even had set a baptism date with her, but she never really seemed interested.  The sister thought church was okay, but she surprised us when she asked if she could join us in the lesson we were going to have with her sister at a member's house.  The lesson was fantastic!  The member family and the sister really connected.  As we were walking back to the teenager's house, the sister asked if she was going to be baptized with her sister.  We told her no since she hadn't come to church at least three times.  "Well, when's the soonest I can be baptized?  Can you start teaching me too?"  We were super excited!!!!  We set another baptismal date with her :)

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