Monday, November 18, 2013

Goodbye... I'm Being Transferred.

The zone leaders told us yesterday before church that I am finally leaving this area :'(  I have really enjoyed this area.  I will be going back to an island. Apparently they speak a lot of Spanish there.
So I wasn't going to tell anyone that I was being transferred because it's a huge distraction, so I just went around at church like normal, focusing on the investigators and what still has to be done before I leave.  However, I was invited to play the piano for the Spanish Bishop's daughter's baptism after church.  After the baptismal service, the ward mission leader (the girl's grandpa), went up to the pulpit and announced in front of everyone that I was leaving and how much I'd be missed.  It was sweet, but super embarrassing haha.  But it gave me a chance to say goodbye to many of the wonderful people I've met. 
When I said good-bye to the two sisters that were baptized, they were crying.  I told them that they can come visit me in Salt Lake next summer.  They're totally planning on it.

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