Sunday, December 29, 2013

"Go, My Son!"

We went the Olson Family's house to pick oranges and grapefruit. It was our first time in their house since they live outside of our area.  When we went inside their house, they began telling us about the decorations and statues they had.  Brother Olson had been given this really cool statue of Lehi's family looking at the Liahona by President Kimball for his work with the Lamanites.

In the next room, they had Navajo decorations and a book called, "Go My Son."  Well...turns out,  Brother Olson produced "Go My Son" when it was first written.  He owned the rights to the song until he finally sold it to BYU so that Lamanite Generation/Living Legends could use it. When they found out I was Navajo, they were really excited.  They told us all these stories about their time on the reservation (Their family had lived on there for a time because Brother Olson went down there for a work trip, fell in love with the people, and moved his family out in the middle of nowhere to live).  It was really fun!

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