Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tex Mex, Anyone?

Esta week ha sido bien long!!!!!!!  El Tuesday, tuvimos nuestra conferencia de la Christmas.  Solo mi zona y la zona al lado de la nuestra fueron. Aprendimos de la Navidad, hicimos skits, cantamos Christmas Carols, y recibimos presents.  Fue bien fun!

Haha like my Tex Mex?  This is how almost EVERYONE speaks down here! We run into the most unique situations here in Texas!  We always have English-Spanish mix-ups.  Half the time, we don't know which ward to tell our investigators to attend!  Almost everyone speaks Tex-Mex.  A few speak only English, a few speak only Spanish.  We had the Spanish Ward Christmas party on Friday.  It was super fun :)  One of the families we are teaching came to the party!  The mom is besties with a member so she wants to attend her ward (the Spanish one) with her, but her kids only speak English.  It's kind a crazy situation!  LOL.  We had a lesson with them at the member's house (BTW the member only speaks Spanish) so we had this weird English Spanish thing going on...that's not the first time we've done that :P

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