Monday, January 6, 2014

I Forgot...We Had Transfers!

So I forgot to tell y'all that transfers happened.  My "old" companion went to my previous city (not the same area, but the same zone)....

....and I'm training AGAIN!!!!!!

I'm also in a trio.

My new companions are absolutely fantastic! :D  One is from Utah, and served with me in a previous area.  She was a greenie when I first met her and came out with my second greenie.  She now has three months out in the field (can you believe it????)!  Man time flies so quickly --- I'm getting so old on the mission!  

My other new companion is from California.  She is so fun!  She seriously reminds me of Lindsay Lohan (like how she was in the Parent Trap).  She sounds and acts just like her!  It's crazy.  She was serving in South America for several weeks, but then she got sick and got reassigned to our mission!

We make quite the trio.  It has been quite the week!  I am super excited for this transfer.  We have lots of plans and I can't wait to start on them!  My companions are absolutely wonderful!

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