Friday, January 3, 2014


Splits this week were fun!  I went on splits with a member who really wanted some missionary experiences.  Needless to say, she was just giddy when we called her up for help.

"Hermana, can you come be Sister Bettinson's companion today?"

"Siiiiii!!!!!!!!" - Adorable (or qué cute! as she would say)

I introduced her to people from the English ward and she introduced me to her friends.  It was a win-win (win) situation :)

I also went on splits with a YSA who served her mission in Utah.  It was fun hearing the "Utah missionary" side of things.  Utah is a completely different world!  She said that tracting is extremely hard there so how they found investigators is they would visit members and get the run-down on the neighborhood from them, then go visit their non-neighbor friends.  We have to work very hard to find a good balance between visiting members and finding by our own efforts.  She was in charge of 11 stakes at one time....we're in charge of two wards down here.  She was a Spanish-speaking missionary so if they ran into anyone who spoke English, they would have to refer them to the English-speaking missionaries.  It's always interesting to hear how other missions work...all are so unique.

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