Saturday, February 8, 2014

My Year Mark! Do You Need a Ride to Church?

So I hit my year mark on the mission.....I can't believe I've already made it this far!  This week was really eventful! 

We created a new plan to work with members that I am super excited to try out!  It's not super creative, but we think that it will work.  The motivation for this is that we're running into not very many people having cars and the church is a good 25 miles away!  So there are a handful of less-active members who are less-active for that reason: They don't have a way to get to church.  We've tried soliciting rides from members, but they already carpool in quite-full cars.  The only solution: find, teach, convert/reactivate people with cars!  And do enough of it that a branch will be organized closer to the people -----> Problem Solved!

So, with that motivation behind us (we're not just baptizing and reactivating to hit a zone or district goal, but to make life easier for the members down here), we decided that we are going to invite every active and less-active member to find a friend (non-member or less-active) who needs the gospel and in the next week, contact that friend and make arrangements so we (the missionaries) can have a family home evening in their home.  This way, this investigator or less-active already has a friend, the member (active or less-active) has a responsibility in missionary work, and they can both be edified together.  

We've already talked to a few members about this and we're going to talk to more!  We've already had very positive responses.  Now the challenge is sticking to it!

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