Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"Hay Alguien Que Me Puede Ayudar?

Well, we've decided I pretty much have a calling in the Spanish Ward.  I'm the organist/pianist, a translator, and now the substitute Gospel Principles Teacher!

Last week, after sacrament meeting -  2 minutes before Sunday School - the elders who also serve with us in the Spanish Ward came up to us and said that Surprise, we're teaching Gospel Principles because the teacher wasn't there!  Long story short, we taught about scriptures with quite literally 30 seconds to prepare ---- in SPANISH!!!!!  It went good.  There were a few awkward parts when I'd ask a question and be met with blank stares.  But I learned a valuable lesson - when all else fails - just act adorable.  With those blank stares, I would just smile and say super sweet, "Hay alguien que me puede ayudar?" and then five hands would immediately shoot up. 

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