Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fun Adventures!

The mission is full of fun adventures!  I ran into my first wild tarantula!  It was actually quite traumatizing!  We spotted it still a ways away just meandering across the road and hurried to get a picture then we ran off!  I was on edge the entire night after that.  Any little sound made me jump.  I hate spiders.  The wind blew a bag against the fence next to us, and both my companion and I jumped so high just as a car was passing!  It was so embarrassing haha :)

We ate some raw, fresh caught oysters!  This guy who we met a few weeks ago gave them to us.  He even cracked them open right in front of us!  They were super good especially with hot sauce and lime on them!  We later learned it probably wasn't the best idea to eat them.  #1 it was raw.  #2 there was an oil spill in Galveston.....Well, it's been four days and we're still not dead, so I figure we got lucky!   Don't worry, I'll never do anything like that again!  ;)

We also ate some fresh caught crab.  Did you know they're blue before they are cooked???  A member made it for us.  They were tiny and hard to eat.  We had to break the shell open with our teeth then suck out the meat from the legs.  It was quite fun!

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