Friday, April 18, 2014

General Conference, Part 2

The Assistants to the President brought the "new" vehicle  to us, and they so conveniently left in the CD player a disc with five of the most recent General Conference talks on it!  That was pure gold for us!  It was fantastic because every single one of the talks on there were talks that we had really wanted to hear but we had missed due to technical difficulties in the Spanish session or car troubles that made us arrive late to Conference.  It was perfect!  And we've been enjoying listening to those talks over and over.

I really like the talks by Elder Jeffery R. Holland and President Dieter F. Uchtdorf.  They both talked about the effort and sacrifices we will have to make to be true disciples of Jesus Christ.  There are many who do not like the message we bring simply because it requires them to work, and I think we all may be guilty of having the same feelings toward something a prophet or apostle has said that may sound too hard or unreasonable.  We may have a list of excuses justifying why we don't have time to do things the prophet asks us, but its important to realize that the progress that comes from taking the challenge is truly what makes us happy.  Without it, we can never become the people God wants us to become.

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