Saturday, April 12, 2014

Well, I thought I had nothing interesting to write about this week....


First off, contrary to rumors in the mission office, both me and my companion are perfectly okay.  We may be a little sore, but we're good :)

Second, it was not my fault!

Third, our poor Jeep Jiannie is at the car hospital right now :( for 3-4 weeks  :(

So long story short, we were in a rear-end collision on Saturday night after conference.  We stopped at a stoplight and a guy in a truck hauling a big boat wasn't able to stop in time due to the weight of his vehicle and the wet roads.  But we're all good!  The members are taking very good care of us!  And we have another (old) car.

The car got quite a bit of damage for just being a rear-end collision.  It was really sad it being a new car and all, but what can you do?  That's life!

Interior View

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