Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mothers Day Call from the Hospital!

Well, where do I begin with the happenings of this last week?

Let's start with transfers.....

I got transferred on Tuesday and I have a new companion.  She is only a transfer younger than me in the mission....the oldest companion I have had since I was in Corpus.  She is super cool, and we are tearing it up down here!  It is both of our first transfers since we were greenies where we have not been the Senior Companion (We're co-seniors right now), so needless to say, it's an adjustment for the both of us, but we're working it out quite well.

We are now enterening Week 2 of the transfer, and man, it has be eventful to say the least....
We decided to take a shortcut through the canal roads.  We were on bikes and we had been biking for quite some time when we came to a dead end.  I was kind of stressed about how much time we wasted coming all the way out here just to have to turn around and go a different way.  However, there were some guys across the canal fishing. We asked them for directions, gave them a card and we found a secret way out of the canals back onto a dirt road that neither one of us knew existed.  We ended up finding a new investigator on that road and after a lesson, she now has a baptismal date!

On Friday night, my companion woke up because her leg was itching really bad from a bug bite.  Saturday morning, we went to play basketball with other missionaries and her bug bite popped open and started oozing.  It also started to swell up really bad.  She called the missionary doctor who lives in San Antonio.  He told her just to take some Benadryl and get to work.  So we worked all day on Saturday.

At 8:30ish, after an appointment fell through, we decided we had better have a member take a picture of her bite to send to the missionary doctor.   At around 9, we got permission to go to the Emergency Room.  My companion was seen around 9:30...long story short, she found out her bite was infected and she had cellulitis so at 2:45 am, she was admitted to the hospital.  After 7 bags of IV medicine, hours of ukelele playing, pizza and ice cream from the Zone Leaders, and calling our mothers for Mothers Day from the hospital; we were able to go home Monday afternoon.  I'm still trying to catch up on all that sleep I missed!

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