Thursday, July 10, 2014

Expect Miracles!

On Sunday, we had a companionship study with our district leader and the two elders who are serving as Assistants to the President, who just so happened to be there since they serve in the same ward as us.  We were having trouble figuring out what we needed to do next in our area to continue to see success.  They laid out five things we need to have/do in missionary work in order to see results:

1) Love
2) Hard Work and good plans
3) Obedience
5) Attitude

We decided our attitude hadn't been the greatest.  We have a great attitude in that we like doing missionary work, but we sometimes just don't expect things to go great.  So, they committed us to change our attitude and learn to expect miracles.  If we're doing everything right we can expect that miracles will happen.  So, that's what we're working on this week!

So, expect to hear about a lot of miracles next week because they'll be coming!

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