Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Youth Missionaries!

We took some young ward members out to tract with us.  They were a 14 year old boy and 9 year old girl.  We had this idea a couple of weeks ago to take out youth in the ward to do missionary work during the day especially because it's summer and they have nothing better to do.  When we talked to the young members' parents, they thought it was a fantastic idea and practically begged us to do it.  It was really fun and they both loved walking around in the hot Texas sun and knocking on random doors for an hour.  We told them that they could knock any door they wanted.  As soon as that was out of our mouths, the young girl started saying, "Let's knock that door!  I think their house is pretty" as we passed EVERY house.  We eventually had to make a rule that she couldn't choose another door until her brother had chosen one so we could actually get the referrals we had planned on contacted.  She decided to rebel once and went and knocked on a door without us.  Luckily no one was home.  That contact ended in her brother picking her up and carrying her off their doorstep.  I think we're going to continue this until the summer is over.

This is seriously one of my favorite areas all because the wards down here are so mission-minded!

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