Saturday, December 7, 2013

Meeting a Zone Goal!

So, in a kind of a spur of the moment, surprising, and miraculous way we had a - wait for it - BAPTISM!!!!! on Saturday :D :D :D
So, it's pretty cool the timing of all of this.  The mission, for the month of November, had a goal of baptising 110 people - more than we have baptized in a month in a very long time!  Our zone had a goal of 20 people this month. 
That's where this story comes in:  Our baptism was a young boy.  He didn't have a date set, but he had been learning as we were teaching another individual in his family.  Last weekend, we were leaving the house after a lesson.  We weren't even talking about baptism when he all of a sudden said, "Hey! I want to get baptized!  When can I get baptized?"  We then set a date for Sunday (the 1st of December). It was pretty cool because he had the desire himself.
We were super excited and so then we informed our district leader.  At this time, our zone had 19 baptisms for this month.  So, he said we should try to move it to Saturday (the 30th of November) so we could hit our goal. We were a little apprehensive about it because his family was supposed to go to out of town on Saturday so they could be back by Sunday.  However, we stopped by on Monday evening, and the first thing they said was they had bad news: instead travelling on Saturday, they would be going on Sunday.  We just smiled and said, No problem!  We'll do the baptism on Saturday! 
So, long story short, he was baptized in November, our zone hit its goal of 20, and our mission baptized 113 people! :D :D :D  It is amazing!  The timing was absolutely perfect and miraculous!

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