Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thanksgiving and Cold Weather!

Among other events this week:

We exceeded our goal for finding new investigators!  That always makes me happy especially because it was so hard to find investigators at the beginning of my mission :)

We had 4 Thanksgiving dinners!  The first one was at the top of this really nice hotel on the island.  Our table had a large view of the Gulf of Mexico.  I saw the ocean for the first time since my first area!   The menu included cornbread stuffing and seafood!
This was the view from the hotel while eating dinner!

In district meeting, we had a very creative lesson that revolved around a snowman.  I wish I would have taken a was kind of adorable.  I really don't miss the snow!

It was cold the first part of the week !  Now its back to the comfortable 70's.  This Christmas is going to be paradise!! :)

I am absolutely in love with this area!  It is so much fun! The people are fantastic and always have interesting stories to tell.  I'm sure enjoying Texas! :D

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