Monday, January 13, 2014

New Vehicle!

We had exchanges with the STLs.  I went inland to work for a day while by two compañeritas stayed in our area and tore it up!  When I got back, our dear Chevy Malibu had some problems.  Of course, I asked them if they had called the car coordinator - which they said they had - and then they told me that the next day, we were to head to mission headquarters to get a new jeep!!!!!

No one would believe us when we told them.  We had to get permission from our district leader to leave our area to get it so we called him.

"So we're going to mission headquarters tomorrow..."
"Because we're getting a new jeep!"
"Haha very funny.  Now why are you really going?"

We finally just told him that our companion had to get a medical card.  He accepted that answer.

So we were at headquarters ALL day signing papers and getting things ready to go to take our new jeep to our area!  Then the next day, we presented our brand new jeep  - who we lovingly named Jeep Jianie (a combination of all our first names) - to the missionaries in our zone.  You should have seen everyone's face as we pulled into the parking lot of the church in style!  It was pretty priceless.

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